India’s Economy Rockstar: RBI & Raghuram G. Rajan

One of the most popular book of the year, Bestseller book category of the year. A Non-fiction book authored by and former Governor of the Reserve Bank Of India, Raghuram Rajan. The book contains the collection of speeches delivered by Rajan during governor tenure in RBI with all economy & political context of that time.

Media repeatedly inquired Mr. Rajan’s Stand on Demonetization and his silence from one last year made eagerness that this book may contain answers to the rumor. Rumor in media & general public that, Raghuram Rajan was removed by the government ( Not Right- from the book, you will get to know) & Settle a Gujrat cadre civil servant Dr. Urjit Patel, Who now has turned a tool of the BJP government (again wrong!). Ultimately book contains some sensational answer to that question which can show the working condition of RBI.

The title of his book is derived from one of the answers to media, words that, made the headlines in the next day newspapers and pushed the policy to center pages.
Right from the second page, his use of the word ‘We’ clearly states his nature and method of work. One of the most prominent of his works as RBI governor is the reduction in Inflation(I guess, you all remember – Dosanomics) but he gives most of the credit to ‘Dr. Urjit Patel’ Committee(The Current RBI governor).

This book will surely change your opinion on Dr.Urjit Patel, which is definitely a supporting factor for the credibility for RBI and thus the stability of Indian Economics.
In the book, he accepts it, there has been no offer from the government to extend the tenure, which is a very general and normal thing that has happened several times in the past. It does not exclude the possibility of returning to the Indian economy in the near future.

The book takes you back to 2014 when Indian Economics and India are relatively turbulent. He explains various issues, his reflection process, and the decisions made with his speeches in these cases. A very well designed book, in terms of speech that are usually very boring (at least for me!).
It explains many economic concepts but I suggest choosing this book only if you know at least “E” from “the economy” and if you have a great interest in knowing the past economic events. Otherwise, mainly for educational purposes and for fans.

Rajan tries to cover various problems from inflation-related reforms, the banking sector, debt markets, financial inclusion, distress resolution, advice on the macroeconomic economy, general concepts such as democracy and the rule of law, tolerance, and respect! The book provides much support for the current work of the government (PM Modi government) on financial inclusion, Make in India and also stresses the importance of “Make for India”
On a larger scale, Rajan stresses mutual trust in markets, credibility, and long-term plans. The narrative is quite attractive although it can sometimes feel it fluctuates between being too simple to be too hard (maybe it depends on your understanding of the particular subject!). All-in-all is a good read to understand the dynamics involved in the central bank, the role of various committees, relationships and collective work between government and central banks, markets and banks.

Mr. Rajan tries to keep this book out of controversy (or is there?). Trying to instill confidence in RBI is the current governor and the government in general. He says, he may have been called rock-star / James Bond by Media, but by no means is the one!

Its offer time, Heavy Discount, Great Indian festival Amazon.

Books for Spiritual, Divine Thoughts, & Make you connected to your Soul

LIST OF 7 BOOKS ON THIS DURGA PUJA & DIWALI:                                 “Best book on Goddess and on Durga Puja & Diwali”

1.) Memory still in my mind, its my school Durga Puja  holiday, and lots of time for me to explore things around me, from somewhere i got a book name Shri durga saptshati. Started Reading ….a feeling of deep joy overcame me. Oh, the grandeur of this feeling! It was a feeling of being greater than my little self. Such began my Awakening to the awareness of Durga Pooja. According to the sacred texts of Hinduism, chanting these Durga Saptshati mantras would not only shower you with divine blessings, but will also fulfill all your deep-grown desires. The best part you will celebrating Durga Puja with knowlege of festival, understanding of spirit behind the celebration.

2.) Ramayana: Written 2,000 Years Ago, this may be called the written version of Hinduism culture. The best written and the biggest seller version by Geeta Press/ Gita Press, Hindi as well as Sanskrit.                                                                                                                                             “Those who have knowledge of dharma say that Truth is the highest dharma”                            “To be happy always is something which is difficult to achieve. That is to say, happiness and sorrow alternate in one’s life and there cannot be uninterrupted happiness alone”

3.) English Version of Ramayana Best Translated:The best & balanced translation. Valmiki Ramayana English book.

4.) There is Ramayana for Children: very good for kids. with pictures in every page and the story, our kid finds it interesting. Would recommend for all kids who would like to be introduced to ramayana on their own reading.

5.) With others some modern series writer, A Ram chandra Serious, By Amish Ji , Forbes Magazine has listed Amish amongst the 100 most influential celebrities in India, four years in a row.

6.) The Other Series, with highest fast selling book on methodology / Ramayana , By Amish Ji

7.) The other best book from year back, Bhagwat Katha has fructified all results of past good karmas. This Katha is extra- ordinary as it can be received neither by heaven dwellers nor the powerful demons. This Katha can only be bestowed to residents on earth and hence those who attend it consider themselves as immensely fortunate.

This all list created on keeping in mind the festive calender.

3 Employee Retainbility Strategies

Human Resource have emerged as a greatest asset of a business enterprises, they comprise organization intangible & un-imitable resources.

An attempt or try have been made on this article to find out the reason & strategy to tap this resources. Due to high competition & un-ability of highly talented & skilled employees, finding & retaining employed become a major priority for organizations. Finding new employees & making them set to work, that due to an employee departure, not only productivity drops due to a learning curve involved in understanding job & organization.

This article aims at investigating & suggestion of some strategies to be used based on nature as well as Indian industrial sector.

  • Making a clear employees development & empowerment plan, Use of carrier development programs for the satisfaction of employees. Faster internal permotion to the employees. Clear specification of roles & responsibility.
  • Supportive organisational culture, Existence of culture that makes employees stay in the organisation. A pleasant work environment is to developed in order to retain the employees. People want to work for the winner. Not only does this ensure employment longevity, it also instills a sense of pride.
  • Commitment to provide job security, Employees have a deep desire to feel they are succeeding & doing their best, Talent & capabilities are used in a best way.

Kejriwal Morales

The common man becomes  a Delhi’s CM, because of morals of voters awakened by Mr Kejriwal, People not only voted to Kejriwal, but they thought that they have some morals for nation, and make moral for nation applicable through Mr Kejriwal.

The man was brought to power to ask question on corrupt system. Promised concluded, question where made starting from Sheila to Modi, Mr CM Virtue come questioning on surgical strike, and the best part Mr. Kejriwal  instant questions to all this. This the all in circulation due morals performed by common man on 7th Feb 2015. But here the cycles not close.

What about the corrupt system in AAP party, who will rise on corrupt soul of Kejriwal. Why not Kejriwal answers on his allegation, who will answer on the party allegation. So now again any morals will be performed in coming election.

Not any Distinguished from any other political party. It has same to age-old practices of identity politics on the basis of caste, community and religion. Its leaders have become too fond of luxuries, of palatial houses, foreign tours and the many other perks that come with the job. In fact, a senior IAS officer, who was in the Delhi government until recently, has told me that, as health minister, Jain uses over 25 official cars (both at home and at office) — a sharp contrast to his predecessor Kiran Walia (health minister in the Sheila Dikshit government) who used just two.

Allegations: Kapil Mishra statement he saw Mr. Kejriwal latter accepting “Rs 2 crore from Jain at his official residence”.

Should ours army should ask the question or we should teach the lesson?

-CP Singh