Pyrometer what & how does it do?

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Pyrometer what & how does it do?

Pyrometer what & how does it do?


It’s a temperature measuring device of any surface of the object without making any contact with that surface….means contactless operation.

Mind arises question…how & up to from what distance?

How?  You are able to see with your eyes any object surface either its visible area or color. It is due to surface/any-body/ object radiation to the energy of atomic nucleus called electromagnetic radiation unit reading wavelength (0.1 Å to 1000 m) or frequency.  The range of electromagnetic radiation frequency/wavelength that is visible by eyes is called visible light (400 nm to 700 nm ).

Other electromagnetic radiation parts are Radio, Microwave- far infrared, near infrared, ultraviolet, X Rays, Gamma rays. The infrared ray which is invisible by eyes is used by pyrometer (100 nm to 100 µm).

Now for distance…..

Simple it work on the same principle as our vision system work, the power of ours pupil lens in eye defines the distance object we can see, in pyrometer the power of lens used and the system like retina i.e. Sensor can define the power of distance and vision area. Like we use the different magnifying lens like safety lens, telescope, microscope & magnifying glass for a different purpose, the same pyrometer uses the different lens for the different purpose.


And then time to make the advancement of this basic principle:

First Developed pyrometer in three main types: Handheld portable pyrometer, fixed type pyrometer, and the Infrared camera.  Fixed type pyrometer is installed pyrometer at a fixed point looking with a lens at a fixed object with the fixed sight. Portable type is like your cell/Mobile which can we used anywhere and you can take it in your pocket or in case, means automatically it is operated with battery on it. Camera type as the name suggests it will give make temperature measurement in form of picture or video. Its vision power of lens will be the area of measurement and the smallest part of object vision will be called pixel.

This is the basic principle of the pyrometer, for sure we will go to advance level……….there is much to explore…advancement….application……uses…..using guidance………and many more…..please subscribe to this blog… in touch…..

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