3 Employee Retainbility Strategies

Human Resource have emerged as a greatest asset of a business enterprises, they comprise organization intangible & un-imitable resources.

An attempt or try have been made on this article to find out the reason & strategy to tap this resources. Due to high competition & un-ability of highly talented & skilled employees, finding & retaining employed become a major priority for organizations. Finding new employees & making them set to work, that due to an employee departure, not only productivity drops due to a learning curve involved in understanding job & organization.

This article aims at investigating & suggestion of some strategies to be used based on nature as well as Indian industrial sector.

  • Making a clear employees development & empowerment plan, Use of carrier development programs for the satisfaction of employees. Faster internal permotion to the employees. Clear specification of roles & responsibility.
  • Supportive organisational culture, Existence of culture that makes employees stay in the organisation. A pleasant work environment is to developed in order to retain the employees. People want to work for the winner. Not only does this ensure employment longevity, it also instills a sense of pride.
  • Commitment to provide job security, Employees have a deep desire to feel they are succeeding & doing their best, Talent & capabilities are used in a best way.

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