Posted: 2/1/16 | February 1st, 2016

I had a plan. Well, a vague idea. I came back from checking out Southeast Asia after only two months for two reasons: to speak at a nyc travel show in January as well as to provide a keynote speech in Orlando in February about linking with consumers on social media.

It didn’t make sense to fly home, back to Asia, as well as then back again, so what to finish with the time in between talks?

“South America,” I thought. It’s a location I haven’t went to much, so what much better method to spend my time than seeing the continent?

(Well, at least part of it.)

With the seven weeks I had, I organized to check out Argentina as well as Chile. Then, upon realizing that Uruguay was a ferry trip from Buenos Aires, I thought, “Let’s go there too.”

So my seven-week trip was going to look like this:

Buenos Aires (Argentina) – Colonia (Uruguay) – Montevideo (Uruguay) – Rosario (Argentina) – Córdoba (Argentina) – Mendoza (Argentina) – Santiago (Chile) – Torres del Paine (Chile) – Bariloche (Argentina) – Santiago (Chile)

A bit fast-paced however still not as well fast.

I chosen this path since it made the most logistical sense. Whereas my schedule in Southeast Asia revolved around a function (to see Isaan), this schedule came about since I drew directly lines as well as these locations fell on the lines!

But, after two days in Buenos Aires, I altered my plans.

This time it had nothing to finish with being pulled in one more direction or satisfying people as well as choosing to travel with them.

It had to finish with the truth that I was metaphorically drowning.

See, I’ve always been a high-strung person. I work as well much, I don’t balance work as well as play, as well as I make myself vague promises that tomorrow I’ll do things in a different way — however I never do.

I have that new England work principles (which I have no regrets about), however because December, it’s triggered me anxiety. The kind that makes your eye twitch.

My work principles has been referred to as “super full-time,” which typically isn’t a problem, however lately, it’s established into one.

I’m juggling as well numerous projects. While I’ve always done that, after speaking to a truly close friend, I realized that the difference between now as well as the past was that I did all my previous juggling while in one place.

Now, I’m trying to do eight things (literally) while traveling, as well as it’s been difficult to maintain.

Moreover, there have been some truly huge personal as well as household problems going on that have just added to this “weight.”

Something had to provide and, unfortunately, it was my sanity.

In an effort to reclaim my sanity as well as health and wellness as well as recommit to producing the balance in my life I guaranteed myself months back after my friend’s passing, I chose to make a change. Mind you, I’m not dissatisfied (my life is quite awesome) or feeling ungrateful, as well as I understand I brought this upon myself, however I can’t go on like this.

So what does that mean? Besides dropping jobs left as well as right, my schedule now appears like this:

Can’t see anything? Where’s that map?

Nope, your browser is not broken. That’s no mistake. There’s no schedule anymore. I now have no timetable for this trip. I’ve spent the last week in Mendoza, Argentina, drinking red wine as well as completing a couple of jobs I needed/wanted done, however with those complete, all that is left is whatever blog messages I select to write.

I don’t plan on truly seeing much other than Netflix (please, no Making a Murderer spoilers!), the end of numerous great books, as well as the excellent outdoors as I hike the crap out of Patagonia.

As I believed about the triggers of my stress and anxiety as well as feelings of panic, I kept coming back to the word have.

I have to do this.

I have to go to this event.

I have to go to this satisfying or I have to state indeed to this.

My good friend James Altucher composed a book called The Power of No, and I’ve believed a great deal lately about that liberating word — no.

I feel in our contemporary life we autumn into “the hectic trap” where we state indeed to everything. Suddenly, we get caught up in a cycle as well as we’re going nonstop. We’re overcommitted, burnt out, as well as drinking energy drinks or coffee to stay awake for it all.

But beyond a few fundamental needs (eating, drinking water, taking care of family, as well as working), we don’t have to do anything.

We don’t requirement to state indeed to whatever or everyone. We can state no. We are the masters of our ship, as well as if we don’t want to do something, we don’t have to!

It’s our life. who cares what people think?

I always understood this on an intellectual level, however it wasn’t up until my eye started twitching as well as I felt like I couldn’t deal with everything that I lastly realized it on an emotional level.

I got caught up in the cycle as well as didn’t recognize up until I was drowning. I let it get out of control.

So I am saying: no more.

I turned down that keynote. I don’t plan on running trips this year. I stated no to all upcoming podcasts and interviews. I cleared the calendar, nuked the inbox, put up an out of office, as well as let go of some people in my life that shouldn’t have been there.

Now, I am off to Chile, where I’ll take an Intrepid trip of Patagonia.

After that, I’ll stay in Patagonia as well as extremely slowly make my method back north to Santiago.

A few weeks ago, I viewed the film The Way. There is a excellent line in it: “You don’t select a life. You online it.” however I only partially agree with that. I believe you do make a choice.

Each day is a possibility to get one step better to your ideal, since if you don’t try to make tomorrow much better than today, what’s the point?

As I make my option to get better to my ideal, I don’t understand what the future holds, however I understand I’m on the best path as well as that brings me a great deal of comfort.

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